During the Tunisian revolution dawn that the country experienced 10 years ago that the core group of K.W Manufacturing wanted to give a new life to their company. Clemens, Dany and Attila were inspired by the lush nature of Tunisia and decided to take a new direction. This multicultural project (German-Belgian-Austrian) draws its inspiration from Tunisia and offers the know-how of its international founders.

Based in Dar Chaabene El Fehri (Nabeul) and founded in 2011, K.W Manufacturing is a totally exporting company of sewing. The textile industry calls for our services, our how-know with high added value.

Our company has set up a totally innovative organization of its production lines, through applying “ the Kaizen system”, directed by high-level managers and technicians.

Our Goal aims to offer garments produced in a motivational, Socio-economically and respectful environment for all members working in the production lines.

Our values? How-know, rigor, speed of execution and respect of deadlines.




Women of K.W Manufacturing: A Story of Empowerment

The success story of K.W Manufacturing wouldn’t be possible without the women of the company.

Managers, pionniers, dynamic… The women of K.W Manufacturing hold different positions in different fields. They form a great sorority: they help, lift and empower each other.

Mariem ATTIA - Product Manager


Since the creation of our company, K.W Manufacturing has welcomed generations of employees willing to collaborate and make the company grow fast. From the newcomers to the founders, every member of our family is a valuable part of our success story.

Here’s what it feels like working at K.W Manufacturing.

“Trust”, “solidarity”, “loyalty” … these are the pillars that are in mind when you ask our employees which company values they cherish.

Gallery KW Manufacturing


The sewing industry is an everyday race. Trends evolve very quickly and we need to keep up with the demanding client requests. Needless to say: on-point innovation is mandatory at K.W Manufacturing. It is a daily challenge. We always keep a sharp eye out for new technologies to enhance our production and growth.

From the latest production machines to innovative processes, our engagement is to produce the best in the most modern ways. Discover our up-to-date innovations.

The sharpness of our final product is very important. Machines and software are the basics of our work to get optimal results.

For instance, we have invested in laser technology with on-point R&D equipment. Both for our industrial textile products and for our ready-to-wear garments, the precision of these machines is essential for our customer requirements.


L'innovation au cœur de K.W Manufacturing


It is crucial for us to develop our business while preserving the nature.

We are committed to providing our customers with a wide range of high quality products

In the most ecological, safe and efficient way.

In addition, Quality is a priority within our strategic vision: it is the key of our teams’ management. We ensure the durability of our company by Professionalizing its management, the management of its projects, and its capacity for Change.

We also spread as much as possible the culture of quality’s risk prevention.

Customer Centric

Build customer loyalty by ensuring interactive communication with them. Analyze complaints carefully.

High Quality Services

Maintain and guarantee the quality of the products. Respecting deadlines in a motivating and socio-economic environment.

Skills and talents

Ensuring staff’s involvement, motivation and teamwork. Staff development based on continuous training.

Continuous Improvement

Ensure the continuous improvement of our Quality Management System performance.





Design Office



Let's Experience Exclusive Quality


Composition 100% linen, weight 168 g/m², in reactive dyeing, brand Elemente Clemente
Composition 100% nylon, weight 90 g/m², in wool dyeing, brand marque Paul & Shark
Composition 54% linen 45% cotton 1% elastane, weight 200 g/m², in dream dyeing, brand Elemente Clemente
Composition 100 % linen, weight 150 g/m², in dream dyeing & laser print, brand Elemente Clemente
Composition 100% polyamide, weight 70 g/m², in wool dyeing, brand Stone Island
Composition 100% linen, weight 117 g/m², in vegetal dyeing & Pants composition 100% linen, weight 150 g/m² in laser print, brand Elemente Clemente
A Sewn cube and cut by laser machine, external face in 100% PVC and internal one in 100% organic cotton, weight 700 g/m², brand Toniebox
Composition 100 % lin, grammage 150 g/m², teinture dream et motif traité par laser marque, Elemente Clemente
Composition 100% polyamide, grammage 70 g/m², teinture laine, marque Stone Island
Composition 100% lin, grammage 117 g/m², teinture végétale & Pantalon, 100% lin, grammage 150 g/m² motif traité par laser, marque Elemente Clemente
Confectionné et coupé par laser la face extérieure est en 100% PVC et la face intérieure est en 100% coton organique, grammage 700 g/m², marque Toniebox

Welcome to the KW Manufacturing Green World !

The challenges caused by climate change made the transition to sustainable consumption and production a real necessity for the well-being of the planet ! Below, some statistics about our solar panels environment protection

101 Mkw

Electrical Power

54 t

CO2 Saving

213570 Km

CO2 Saving

1365 Trees

CO2 Saving